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Originating from Germany,  HEXGEARS is specialized in the construction and layout of e-sport industry chain, in the R&D, manufacture and sales of high-end e-sport peripherals such as mechanical keyboard, mouse, earphone and so on, in the development and introduction of software and so on. It also commits itself to providing timely, effective and superior e-sport solutions for its customers.
  Since its foundation in 2012, HEXGEARS has continuously and deeply explored the pain points in the actual use of e-sport peripherals, and has actively sought for innovation and kept improving. In 2015, following the trend of development of China’s sports undertaking, cultural and entertainment industry and e-sport industry, HEXGEARS entered into the Chinese market, and established Shenzhen HEXGEARS Technology Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the marketing matters in the Asian-Pacific region. In 2017, HEXGEARS (Dongguan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded as the headquarter of HEXGEARS in China, based on which the HEXGEARS headquarter base will be built.
  HEXGEARS has always kept abreast of the demands of e-sport enthusiasts, and has persisted in having communication with its customers, professional game players and professional assessors at regular intervals. In addition, it has also established stable and in-depth strategic cooperation with JieMao team, a professional e-sport team that won championship in the 2017 e-sport competition in Yunnan and the 2018 e-sport competition in Guangdong. JieMao team is not only the professional game player, but also the product manager, which will test and feed back the handfeel and quality of HEXGEARS products in the first place, so as to ensue that all the products are under their optimum state before being launched into the market.
  Up to now, HEXGEARS has obtained six patents for invention, and has got the trademark certificates in a number of countries and regions such as China, Korea, US, EU, Taiwan (China) and so on. It has won a good and stable reputation in the circles of e-sport in more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and America, Middle East, Asia and so on. Thanks to its original design, professional quality and superior service, HEXGEARS was invited to many professional electronics expos both at home and abroad, such as IFA Berlin Show, International Consumer Electronics Show in US / Taiwan (China), Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show and so on. It received favorable feedback from the market in each expo.
  HEXGEARS aims at innovative development, orients to independent research and development, and focuses on the intelligentization of user experience. It is determined to develop into a world-famous brand in the global e-sport industry.

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