Kailh super-thin switch Double-module transmission RGB Marquee Super thin, light and durable

Unprecedentedly Thin and Light

Weighing only 510g, it is quite portable, and rarely takes up space, thus making it an amazing office device.

Powerful Kailh switch is light-weight and durable.

With a horizontal, unidirectional and squeezable rotor blade, the switch has a durability up to 50 million times.
With a proper key travel of 3.6mm, it offers a more comfortable typing experience.

With the bluetooth and double modules, you are no longer restricted by “cable”.

It is wired, and is provided with bluetooth, which ensure free switch. The new bluetooth 4.0 transmission technology supports a longer distance of transmission, and more devices. In addition, it has a ultra-long endurance.

Metal Quality Exquisitely Carved

The durable and frosted aluminum alloy surface is not liable to wear.
The PC keycap is made with the ink-jet technology. All the characters of the keycap are non-opaque.

Effective Office Device Amazing Game Gadget

It can switch freely between office use and game use.

Keyboard Marquee Being Modestly Cool

The amazing RGB light irradiates on the super-thin switch. Up to six kinds of light can switch freely between each other, making each use and each typing full of freshness.

Experience the light effect of light strip>>

Unleash the potential of your mouse's lighting system with the Hexgears.

Specification Parameter

Product model: K950
Length: 357.6+/-1mm
Width: 130.8+/-1mm
Height: 20+/-0.5mm
Weight: 510+/-20g
cable length: Braided wire about 1.6m
Switch life: 50 million times
Interface: type-C
Color: Black / silvery white