After-sale Support

After-sale Support
Hexgears guarantees their products against defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase from a Hexgears authorized dealer. Hexgears will repair or replace the product or parts at no charge. After one (1) year, you are responsible for the repair, replacement part or replacement. This warranty does not cover other related costs.
This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, acts of God, normal wear, and tear, accidents, misuse, commercial use, any modifications to the product, improper use or improper connection. Additionally, it doesn't cover purchase from an unauthorized dealer, attempted repair by anyone other than Hexgears or other authorized person or unit.
This warranty does not cover products sold by unauthorized resellers, products sold as-is, open box, second hand, display models, or any other times in which the product may have been opened or used.
This warranty is also void if the product was damaged by a product that it was used with such as battery leak or electrical fault of a connecting product.
In order for the warranty to apply a proof of purchase is required. A proof of purchase may be in the form of a receipt, bill of sale, transaction code with the model of the product and the date of purchase listed from an authorized dealer.
Hexgears is not responsible for the replacement or repair of products if in violation of this warranty. Some countries may have other restrictions on warranties.