IP56-grade waterproof and dust-proof Kailh BOX switch PBT double-color suspension keycap RGB light


Champion E-sports Team & Professional Product Manager

By cooperating with HEXGEARS, JieMao e-sports team has won e-sports championships many times.
The product cannot be launched into the market until it has been debugged and tested in a professional way for over three times.
>N-key rollover achieves unrestrained game play.
>One-touch setting, driver-free macro recording

Born to Be Waterproof and Powerful
The keyboard uses the Kailh BOX switch with a waterproofing grade up to IP56, which copes with accidental splash very easily.

C.Kailh BOX Switch

>Handfeel consistency is improved by 25%.
The handfeel consistency (travel tolerance and operating force tolerance) is about 25% higher than that of common switch.

>The second trigger is faster.
The perfect combination of trigger travel (1.8mm) and total travel (3.6mm) creates a more comfortable and contented handfeel.

The core of switch is made of POM
which offers a high strength and is resistant to punch.

The torsional springs collide to produce sound
and the rotor blade and stator blade are separated, thus to reduce the contact with the air and to prolong the service life.

24K golden contacts are imported from Europe
and are optimized with unique technology.

High-precision cavity sealing prevents dust and water
and reduces oxidation and sulfuration.

Key Life

Kailh BOX switch

80 million times

Common mechanical switch

50 million times

❅ Three versions of Kaih BOX white axes and red axes are provided.

Double-color PBT Keycap with A Suspension-type Design
The thickening PBT keycap has two colors, and offers comfortable typing experience. It protects characters from being worn.
The suspension design makes it much easier to clean the keyboard and to replace the keycap.

Light Effect

Experience the light effect of keycap >>
Experience the light effect of light strip >>

Specification Parameter

Key technique: Mechanical game key
Key laybout: 104 keys
Material of keycap: PBT
Type of keycap: Suspension type
Panel material: Aluminum alloy
Cable length: Braided wire about 1.8m long
Rough dimension: 441mm (length) *148mm (width) *38mm (height)
Rough weight: 1000+/-20g