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Win another success! JieMao Team Uses Hexgears Keyboard to Win the Championship in Guangdong Division of League of Legends Competition

2018-09-10 11:09:38
On April 18, JieMao team, with the help of Hexgears high-end mechanical keyboard with BOX switch, won the championship in Guangdong division of “2018 Jingdong Cup E-sports Competition” after beating a number of rival teams. Early this month, JieMao team won championship in Shenzhen division of this Competition.
“2018 Jingdong Cup E-sports Competition”, jointly held by Jingdong Game and Tencent Games, was the country’s largest non-professional e-sports competition, covering 3,000 teams from eight divisions and sixteen provinces and municipalities.
The competition for Guangdong division was held in No.1 E-sports Hall in Guangzhou. On that day, the top four teams in Guangdong contended with each other here, including JieMao team which won the championship in 2017 Yunnan E-sports Open, WuW team which won the championship in 2017 China Joy Competition, Hong Kong’s women Terrans Force team, the runner-up in the city-level division of Jingdong Cup Competition, and ST2 team from Guangzhou.

Exceptionally Exciting Contest:
In the first round, JieMao matched against Terrans Force. Thanks to excellent handfeel and tacit collaboration, JieMao team achieved an overall suppression both in the middle and the end of the field. Under the B03 competition system, it won two victories consecutively, with each match lasting for 15 minutes on average.
A good handfeel not only came from a good competition state, but also was produced by the peripheral products such as keyboard, mouse and so on. Different from other teams, JieMao team was a strategic partner of Hexgears, so all its members were equipped with the Hexgears mechanical keyboard with BOX switch for this competition. Compared with other mechanical keyboards, the Hexgears mechanical keyboard adopted the newly-developed BOX switch which had a brand new structure. The perfect combination of internal rotator blade, stator blade and push rod reduced plenty of frictions between metal contacts, which reduced the trigger travel of key to 1.8mm, thus ensuring a more comfortable and easier tapping and enabling players to gain more advantages in the game. Thanks to the unique IP56 dustproof and waterproof structure of the BOX switch, there was no need for game players to worry about that the game play was halted due to accidental water penetration into the keyboard. This was one of the reasons why the team members chose Hexgears keyboard with BOX switch.
In the final of the competition, JieMao team matched against ST2 team from Guangzhou. In the first round of the final, ST2 team beat WuW team 2:0, the champion of 2017 China Joy Competition. Hence, ST2 team was really a powerful rival. In this close game, the competition was very fierce. In the e-sports hall, two quite different keyboard taps were heard, both intense and breathtaking. Owing to the change in the internal sound production structure, the Hexgears keyboard with BOX switch produced no quavering and lingering sound. The sound between sections were succinct and clear, and sounded much clearer and more sonorous than that produced by common switch. Therefore, game players could receive a more definite feedback from keys. In the Summoner’s rift, both teams felt each other out thus to find out the breakthrough point. Finally, JieMao team won victory of the first round which lasted for 37 minutes, by a great margin.
Even after three matches, the Hexgears keyboard, made of PBT, could still remain brisk, and did not wear, so the feel of touching the key was not affected. In a close game, even a millisecond error may affect the final result. With an optimized structure, the BOX switch produced a smaller key resistance than that produced by common keyboards with blue switch, and could complete the trigger in an instant. As the good handfeel continued, JieMao team won another victory in the deciding game. At last, it beat the rival 2:0, successfully becoming the champion of the Guangdong division.
After the competition, the director of JieMao team summarized the key to its success . Besides the analysis on the formation, layout and play technique of other teams before the competition, the “secret device” Hexgears keyboard was also one of the contributors to its consecutive victories. In the regional tournament, JieMao team will also work with Hexgears to win another championship.